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The lipinghuang.com team features dynamic pundits in the world of entertainment, media and pop culture. These are the writers, the mediaites, the tastemakers, and the cool losers.

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Liping Huang

Liping is the founder and editor-in-chief of lipinghuang.com. He is currently a junior at San Francisco State University studying Business Marketing. He's currently studying abroad in Sweden for his junior year.


Rachel Yee

Rachel is the aesthetics director and columnist at lipinghuang.com. She's studying Business Administration at San Francisco State University. 

Marie Vega

Marie is the head writer of lipinghuang.com and creator of YouTube's Unscripted Nonsense, featuring videos throughout life.and other life things.

Kenny Luo

Kenny is the lead software engineer of lipinghuang.com. He cooks for the staff at HQ and goes to San Francisco State University.

Alan Lew

Alan is a junior contributor to lipinghuang.com. He really hates Comcast and pho, all while studying at the City College of San Mateo.

Viviana Huang

Viviana is the sister of the editor-in-chief. She hates high school just like every teenager in America.