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The Ongoing Fitness Journey

The Ongoing Fitness Journey

I started taking spinning classes in November of last year. You may have noticed by how shapely my gluteus maximus looks now and how generally fit my lifestyle has been.

  • Soda? No thanks, if I wanted sugar I’ll go listen to Maroon 5.

  • Juice? Nej tack, I like to chew on my fruits.

  • LaCroix? Gracias, pero no. Insecticide is not part of my keto diet.

I take the classes at the YMCA in San Francisco’s Chinatown. My teachers, Debbie and Deborah are super cool.


They tell us that we’re goddesses and warriors that can surmount anything, and meanwhile I’m over here waiting for a text back from my parents. That I sent a week ago.

I appreciate the positive energy that spinning classes provide. I know that I look gross and that I may be physically deteriorating from each pedal, but when the instructor tells you that you’re a legend… You believe them.

And you keep pedaling. You keep moving those legs because you want to prove something. I don’t really know what I’m trying to prove, but I keep going.

It kind of reminds me of COOP in that everyone is there to improve and better themselves. Some are trying to be healthy, some are trying to look good for their man, and some are trying to work out some frustrations that life inevitably flings their way.

I feel like the YMCA doesn’t get enough credit. They have good people here, and I’m really happy I got a membership. I think it’s a plus that I get to exercise with old Asian people.


I mean… If I want to feel bad about myself and pay an exorbitant amount of money to stay in the same BMI, I’ll head over to the Equinox.

Isn’t kinda crazy that all the hot people exercise at the Equinox? But then that means that I’m… Nevermind.

But I respect anyone that’s into their fitness journey, because I’m trying to do better for this year.

A trend a see for 2019 is a lot of people are signing up for half marathons. Mad respect for these homies… I think being able to run a marathon is an incredible feat for a person. I guess it’s half as incredible for half marathons.

Just kidding! I get winded walking up two flights of stairs at work. So the idea of a marathon is debilitating.

I’m not a mathematician, but last time I checked… A marathon is 26 miles. Half a marathon is 13. I wonder what marathoners think about during these long runs.

I don’t run a lot, only when I get chased or when I chase the MUNI bus.

But during the times I have ran, including the time I did a 5K (humble brag), these were the things I thought about:

  • “I should’ve probably trained more”

  • “Omg some of these bitches are slow”

  • “Fuck this I think I’m gonna walk it”

  • “I’m definitely going to drop 50-pounds from this”

  • “I shouldn’t have eaten six eggs and two bowls of rice for breakfast”

  • “This seems like an odd time to think about a traumatizing high school event, but sure why not”

  • “Are people looking at me? I hope they’re inspired”

  • “How long have I been running for? Oh just two minutes? Mmkay”

Running is not for me, but I like to think that I am a runner. Not that I run from my problems, but that runners are always working to be consistent and to get better, either with the length of their runs or the run times.

I gotta throw it back to my days in Sweden with this.


I remember one day everyone was jumping into the cold Kalmar ocean, as I sat by the bench watching because I didn’t know how to swim.

The semester after I came back to SF State, I signed my ass up to a beginner’s swimming class.

I made it to every class, and when the class was over, I went to the university’s swimming pool almost every week.

I like to think that every time I swim, it reminds me that I conquered a challenge in the past.

That challenge helped me learn a new skill and gave me something to look forward to during the week nights where I don’t have to stay late at work.

And spinning is like when I was biking in Sweden. I didn’t know how to bike when I got to Sweden. So having to overcome that and coming back to this spin class, it does remind me of those times where I didn’t know how to operate a bicycle but figured it out.

I came to Sweden with this grand idea to do something different with my life at the time, and came back with new modes of transportation.

Maybe I’ll get into running one day. I never thought I would learn how to bike or swim, until I did. Until next time, catch me at your local YMCA at the spin machine. And hopefully, at the treadmill going 8 mph.

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