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The Song of Our Generation

The Song of Our Generation

Every decade comes a new voice of our generation. There was Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Avril Lavigne.

And in the year 2018 comes Doja Cat with her viral single “Mooo!”, which many refer to as “bitch im a cow”.

“Bitch im a cow” is really funny. It’s a lyrical hit that I’m happy to drop down to at the club. And in a universe that is chaotic and indifferent, the song is madness, beauty and rhythm.

The artist is able to contrast contemporary culture into a nursery rhyme:

Old McDonald had a farm / I give him a titty tryna keep him calm

Callbacks to other music defining pieces elevate “bitch im a cow” into the masterpiece that it was the minute the song idea entered Doja’s mindstream:

My milkshake brings all the boys to the farm / And they're like / It's better than yours /Damn right / It's better than yours

It's a relentless lyrical legend that never lets you forget about what the song is about:

Bitch, I'm a cow / Bitch, I'm a cow / I'm not a cat / I don't say meow / Bitch, I'm a cow / Bitch, I'm a cow / Bitch, I'm a cow / Bitch, I'm a cow

The music video is the catalyst that will redefine what a music video can be.

Doja is a thottie like us, she’s recording herself lip syncing with a crappy ass laptop camera with the gusto that we all desire to have outside of our safe bedrooms.  

She's obviously, a cow, bitch. She’s not a cat either. But she’s also a farmer.

It’s a video full of contrasts. A cow eating a burger and drinking a milkshake. A farmer lasciviously drinking her product as she twerks and runs away from a green-screen 8-bit burger. 


Could the latter be a reference to Donald Trump’s trade policies that are harming local farmers who predominantly voted for him during the 2016 elections?

Or maybe… It’s just a song about being a cow.

There’s no intrinsic meaning in any of this. Oh my god.

Just like the universe, Doja is not willfully hostile in her delivery, she really doesn’t care. She’s a cow! Just like us. Grazing on the benign for meaning while waiting for the inevitable slaughter by the creator.


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