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15 Must Follow Instagrams

15 Must Follow Instagrams


15. @fullyrawkristina

100% raw and vegan. Her pictures are chocked full of colors and each post delights you with positivity and health. You definitely do not have to be a raw vegan to enjoy these gorgeous photos.

But if you are, @fullyrawkristina is all about that life.

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14. @chefsteps

ChefSteps makes visually hypnotizing culinary masterpieces and manages to fit them within each post. Foodies who want an edge to their feeds full of standing shots of brunch plates need to follow @ChefSteps.

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13. @mycholneuyin

Michael's user bio:

"Capturing glimpses of the Universe, one photo at a time."

There's honestly no other way to perfectly summarize how magnificently breathtaking each photo of Nguyen will make any user feel.

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12. @Unsplash  

It’s hard out there for a low tiered blog platform. Stock photos are super corny and expensive, but Unsplash’s photos are user submitted and free. Not only is @unsplash approved, their Instagram feed is carefully curated with the best photos.

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11. @NASA  

I’m gonna be honest. I don’t like to think about the fact that I’m a spec of dust floating around in the universe. But @nasa’s photos of the unknown, the distanced… It’s so fucking pretty! Perfect desktop wallpaper material. That’s a compliment, I think.

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10. @tylerhurley

Minimalistic and positively trendsetting. Going through @tylerhurley’s feed will either make you want to paint or take a photo. This is what makes Instagram. Makers inspiring others to make, and it is refreshing to see honesty with art.

9. @gaoscabinetsinc

How long do I have to wait until I remodel my house? Because when I do, @gaoscabinetsinc will be the first biz I’m going to call. It’s home inspo porn, keeping it real. A repertoire of beautiful focused craftsmanship with sleek wooden cabinets as the star.

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8. @theonion  

Instagram is the best venue for The Onion to showcase its hilarity. @theonion’s whole enterprise builds around a funny headline, and fitting it all into one photo or tweet is not difficult for them at all.

7. @miserable_men

Do you know when you go shopping with your mom and she spends four hours trying on clothes while you’re sitting outside the GameStop because you already looked at everything? Well it sucks ass when that happens to you, but pretty hilarious when it’s old dudes.

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6. @jenselter  

Yooooooo, this trick mastered and conquered the thirst trap. I can tell you I follow her because I’m a workout enthusiast even though I just one entire bucket of KFC. But I can keep it real and tell you that the ass is fat. Sure it’s fabricated and disillusioned, but the ass is fat.

A video posted by Steven Yeun (@steveyeun) on

5. @steveyeun

Steve is very handsome. Steve is very interesting. Steve plays Glenn in AMC’s The Walking Dead, its midseason premiering Feb 14, 2016. I may still be angry over the fact that Glenn is still alive after the circumstances that occurred this season, but follow @steveyeun.

4. @yung.rachel

Obviously cute, vain and genuine, @yung.rachel is a succubus that will break your heart. With her limited yet full Instagram feed, you’ll get a taste but you’ll never get a chance. It’s like you’re following American Apparel, except she never looks like she just got kidnapped in all the photos.

"You don't have to show your skin to get attention."

A photo posted by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on

3. @humansofny

They say that “a picture is worth a 1000 words.” But what if you want to add a caption that tells a story that no 1000 words in the picture can? Humans of New York gives you those worthy pictures, but it’s the stories behind it that keeps you liking and engaging.

2. @kimkardashian

Come on, am I really going to leave out the purported source of why people are obsessed with online and self-gratification? We’re talking about an empire that started from the bottom (of her vagina) and into the mold of pop, entertainment and celebrity culture.

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1. @mensweardog

It’s a corgi wearing fancy men’s clothing. I really don’t have to sell it to you, it practically sells itself. Super cute, inspirational and dare I say, sexy? Here at, we push the envelope (even if it crosses bestiality).


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