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Killing The College Networking Game

Killing The College Networking Game

Can I keep it real? Yes I can this is my blog. Networking just means meeting people with connections and perhaps also befriending them.

I'm not saying that friendships are a Machiavellian tactic into obtaining key career positions and opportunities... But what do your friends ask you whenever you say you got a job? 

Yo give me the hookups

Of course getting job opportunities isn't the only reason to make friends. Having a good set of buddies (not a term for breasts) is essential to the growth of your young adult self. Could you imagine hearing some good tea and having NOBODY to tell that juicy gossip to? Lord have mercy.

"But how, Liping Huang Zheng, can I make friends at school?!"

It's such a stupid but honest answer... You need to throw yourself out there.

If you're at a party and everyone is talking about something you have some knowledge/opinion about, SAY SOMETHING! Then boom, bam, you are in the conversation. 

Another tip is to laugh whenever someone says something worthy of a laugh. Don't laugh if people are talking about North Korea's crimes against humanity. Laugh if they're talking about Kim Jong Un's haircut. Ha!

Good God, Lemon! ( CNN)

Good God, Lemon! (CNN)

Why does this work?

It's like the easiest way to say, "I'm interested in this conversation and I want to be part of it" without looking like a mess. 

I love it when people laugh at my jokes, so that means I'm loving all the time because everyone ALWAYS laughs! It's positive reinforcement that encourages someone to keep you in the mix so you can keep cracking up at jokes.

Say Yes To Everything (unless it's Bill Cosby offering you a drink)!

Always say yes when someone invites you to a party or an outing with some other people. While it may be a little awkward at first not knowing anybody there, someone else there is probably on your same boat. So you get to latch on to the person not talking to anybody! Bam, +1 college reference.

Do not skip a social night out for Netflix or League of Legends. I know it looks so much better than risking human interaction, but you never know. You might actually have a real good time out.

You have all the time in the world to rewatch 30 Rock, but you don't always get to be invited to a party or social gathering. If you say no, you might not be asked again!

The worst that could happen is you have a crappy time, so you get to leave early and write about it on your mediocre blog. 


Liping is the founder and editor-in-chief of He is currently a sophomore at San Francisco State University studying Business Marketing.

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