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Being a Freshman in High School

Being a Freshman in High School

"Hi Liping, I totally love your blog by the way. So I'm going through my first week of high school and I hate it. I don't think I'll get along with anyone in my class and I really hate waking up at 6am just to go to school barely on time. During 2nd period, I randomly sat down next to this guy name Cory and he went "Ugh" and scooted away. What the hell?! What do I do? 

-Viviana, from San Francisco

Hey Viviana! You have the same first name as my sister and you live in the same city I live in. It sure is a huge coincidence, because there's no way Ask Liping's questions are made up. 

But back to your question.

Cory is a douchebag and he probably has a small penis. Now on to the high school business... 

When I was a high school freshman, I had no idea what was going on. I thought sophomores were third years and juniors were second years. I also hated the long commute to school and the fact that I only knew 3 people in the entire school.

It definitely got better. I'm not sure it was because I got used to how horrible everything was or if everything just got better. I definitely made some new friends and waking up wasn't really hard anymore. 

I give you the Liping guarantee that you're going to make some new friends, and I promise you that it's easier to befriend someone who has the same common hate of the school as you. Nothing unites people together more than the unison of bitching about something. 

Don't forget about clubs! You can always join Dragonboat or KPOP club, and meet new people who have the same interests as you. They also go great on your college applications. Maybe not KPOP club, unless you're doing really transformative serious stuff there. I doubt it.

You're a freshman in the first week of school. You're still settling in to this new environment and girl, you got 4 years to settle in. Take your time to enjoy the awkwardness of your precollege years. I know it looks really hard right now, but time grows you. Don't forget you also have a sister and an awesome brother.

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