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7 Study Hacks To Ace Finals

7 Study Hacks To Ace Finals

Final exams are coming for a lot my college brethren, and I have some hot tips to survive and ace finals like a total rock star!

1. Get Plenty of Rest

Go to sleep! Studies show that in order to perform well in tests, being well-rested well in advance of examinations improve results tremendously. 

2. Stop Drinking Soda

Coke is fizzy, sweet and delicious! But the drink also hikes up your sugar levels and crashes you quickly. So you'll be all messed up in the middle of studying! Or you might already be messed up even before studying. I know I am.

3. Eat Dark Chocolate While Studying

Did you know that chocolate gives you energy and is actually good for your brain? And can you believe that you're averaging at a D- in almost all your classes and if you don't pass you might have to move back home?

4. Study Groups All The Way

Studying with other people allows you to socialize while also improving your grades at the same time. But you don't want to tell them that if you don't pass finals, you're going to lose your scholarship and Mom is going to be so mad and why did I keep going to those fucking frat parties...

5. Test Yourself

Make practice tests with questions from your homework or your study guide! Practice makes perfect, so practicing finals will get you a perfect grade! Perfect... Just perfect. Really perfect. What am I gonna do?! Maybe I can pay someone to take my final. Andrea said she knows someone who did that.

6. Chew On Gum

Contrary to your high school teacher's rules, gum is actually very useful for studying and tests. They work up your mouth and thus your brain muscles, making you focus better! Focus... I need to focus. Focus focus focus focus... I bet Andrea can get me some Adderall. I heard someone's cousin's brother's roommate took Adderall once and totally aced all his finals. He had a heart attack. 

7. Cry More

Did you know that a good cry is cathartic? It releases built up anxiety and stress from your body and gives you a huge sense of relief. I knew that already. But the stress is still there. Still waiting on that relief part though. Been crying all day... Everything is falling apart and all I want right now is some dark chocolate and a gallon of coke. Not talking about soda.

8. Write a Blog About It

This is what I get for trying to do anything. College is horrible and everything sucks. All those frat parties and now I only have one liver and chlamydia. Fuck finals and fuck you Andrea! Those Adderall pills were fucking Tic Tacs!!!


Liping is the founder and editor-in-chief of He is currently a sophomore at SFSU studying Business Marketing.

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