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8 Types of Annoying Group Members

8 Types of Annoying Group Members

1. The Busy Bee


Having this person in your group is like playing a game of Goldfish. Do you have any time after class? Nope. Do you have time on the weekends? Nope. Do you have any time that's inconvenient for everyone else in the group? GOLDFISH!

2. The Not Know Anything At All

Hey, do you remember when the due date is? You don't know, okay. Can you figure out how many slides we need to make for the presentation? You don't know that either. Why does your mother hate you so much? I'm sure you know the answer to that one.

3. The Procrastinator


Oh shit! You forgot to do your part of the presentation. Oh, and you didn't do the homework from some other class so you gotta do it now. And shitters, you also forgot to feed your dog. I guess you're failing the class and a dog murderer.

4. The Forgotten


Who is this bitch? Where have you been? You were in our group text because someone happened to have your number. Thanks for texting us back the day the project is due. "K." is very informative.

5. The Control Freak

Chill down homie. You're asking who has the photos for the slides? It's 3:46am! You're the only person viewing the Google Doc, who the hell are you talking to?

6. The Winger

You didn't come to the practice presentation and you barely finished your slides. But sweet baby Jesus, that was a good ass presentation. Wait, why do you have a bottle of orange and white pills with you?

7. The Plus One

Ummmmm, who this? It's not our wedding don't be bringing guests to a presentation. If I wanted strangers to critique my how I spoke, I'll look at the YouTube comment section of my vlog.

8. The Curfew

Oh my god I know you're from a strict Orthodox Jewish household but I'm sure your parents would be more angry at the fact that we failed our group presentation than you coming home late at 5:00pm.


Liping is the founder and editor-in-chief of He is currently a sophomore at SFSU studying Business Marketing.

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