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How To Be Rich In 4 Easy Steps

How To Be Rich In 4 Easy Steps

Haha! Click-baited!

When I made this website, I asked myself: "How can I stop cyber bullying my sisters on Instagram and how do I save money?"

I can answer the latter, because I'm not going to let go of my favorite past time. 

As I explain these away, please read these money management tips in Suzie Orman's voice. It will give it a higher amount of credibility. 

Note: I am not like, a financial adviser or something. I just have a website.

Before You Get Started

An app I use constantly is Mint. You can download it from the App Store for your iOS and Android devices, or use it simultaneously on the web platform. It's a fantastic money manager that has tons of features.

The app organizes your financial transactions into simple and informative data, while giving you the ability to create financial plans like budgets/goals.

So basically, you have somewhere to go that has an entire outline of your financial situation. With that outline, you can make a better decision of what to do next with your coin.

1. What You Got

The first thing you need to do to $ave Dat Money is to identify your assets. This means you needs to figure out what you have. Jot down the $0.89 you have in your checking and savings account and scrounge up the cash hiding in your jeans.

Also include the income you're getting.

Whether it's the allowance your parents give you or the money you make off of selling friendship bracelets on Etsy, it's important to know how much you're making as well as how much you have.

Once you figure out exactly how much money you have, you're able to spend and save accordingly.

2. What You Pop

Now that you've jotted down all the dollar bills you've made selling drugs and/or your body, you've got to figure out your expenses.

This part is more difficult especially if you mostly purchase things in cash. Try to remember your spending habits and create a list of expenses of what you can remember.

After that, always keep up with what you buy online. It's easier to check your purchasing habits if you buy things with a credit or debit card since you're able to look online.

3. What To Cut

I want to say that you should set up a budget for yourself, but it's hard out there in the streets. It's so easy to say, "I'm only going to spend $10 on food this week" and then end up buying $30 worth of take-out in one day. 

That's why I think figuring out "wants" and "needs" is a smarter way to save money.

You might want to buy that $50 belt, but you  might not really need it. Although it is definitely better to spend a little more for a great quality item. 

But in this situation, it's smart to realize what you WANT. My sister bought a $7 mini baby figurine. To this day, I get at her for buying that. What could she have possibly thought when she bought that? 

4. Make That Money Shake

This is not a rap song, but a pretty smart money making tip. It's not like one of those


The secret is to keep that money moving. 

What I mean is to not let money sit in your bank account just for the sake of saving. It's important to use that money to invest, so as time passes by the money grows with you. 

But when investing money is not an option, using money to buy experiences is almost as important.

As long as those experiences enrich your life and improve you as a person, it does create better mindset for the future-- Just like what money does.


Liping is the founder and editor-in-chief of He is currently a sophomore at SFSU studying Business Marketing.


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