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I'm An Idea Pitching Monster

I'm An Idea Pitching Monster

Just because you have a good idea doesn't mean that's all you have to do. The idea is the first step, and then what follows is a good pitch. I don't do "good" pitches, I do fantastic pitches.

That's probably why I loved watching Shark Tank, and why I loved Econ class in high school when we got to make our own products and pitch them to the class, AKA the Sharks.

(A running joke between my cafeteria crew was every time someone wanted to something and invited our crew, we would be like, "I'm out" just like the Sharks.)

Liping's Econ Group (not the crew): Alvin, Korean David, Jeremiah and I settled on the idea of a marijuana infused lotion. I know, when does marijuana infused lotions come up during a business idea brainstorming session? I'll tell you.

Last year, the cannabis legalization in Colorado was the hot topic. And then I realized, that pot is basically the new... everything. It's going to be in foods, cosmetics and obviously, in joints.

Why the hell wouldn't we jump onto the bandwagon now?

I actually wanted to do a marijuana infused mayonnaise. You know, get munchies while eating a ham sandwich, and then you'll wanna eat more. That was more or less my pitch to the group.

Unfortunately, Korean David was all like, "Not everyone likes mayo." Not everyone in the U.S is a fat and loves mayonnaise. Although we're not too far from that goal.

I even had the most perfect name: Mayoguana (C)

We reached a conclusion and finally settled into doing marijuana infused lotions. I actually did pretty extensive research. I watched so many tutorials on how to make cannabis oil/lotions. I even thought I could be like Walter White and start my own empire while leading the demise of everyone I loved. (Spoiler Alert!)

Our product, Hition (C), a combination of the words "high" and lotion, was a success.

Each member of the group had different roles. I wanted to do code names but they thought it was too much. But they can't stop me now! It's my blog!

Alvin AKA Bookie: Managing Accounts Analyst. He was in charge of the costs and profit margins, as well as the target demographics our product was for.

Jeremiah AKA Jeremiah Pinkman: Lead Operations Manager. He was in charge of creating, executing and refining the perfect Hition product.

Korean David AKA David: Testimonial Expert: He was our testimonial guy. I think he was blazed when we did our class pitch, which really helped.

Liping AKA Fat Tony: Product Marketing Executive. I pitched our idea for Hition, and even brought a sample product. (It was just a Bath & Body Works bottle we borrowed from a classmate. Thanks Phoebe!)

Our presentation went great. I mean, you're getting high while almost being moisturized. It can't get any better than that! No wonder we won. Those five extra credit points were well deserved.

I love good ideas.

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